Futuristic keyboard by Roli

The Seaboard is a MIDI controller by Roli, which has a pressure sensitive continuous surface and allows musicians to work on a programmable keyboard.

This futuristic design combines traditional piano and keyboard features while adding what they call “keywaves”. Musicians are able to add an infinite number of absolute pitches and alter them in countless ways. Its incredible blending ability can create more continuous piano sounds and play other instruments on a high resolution. Sounds can be altered in real time with the movement of a finger and the multi-platform software synthesizer that comes with it amplifies this experience. The Seaboard can be programmed to personal gestures and match playing style sensitivity.

Almost as remarkable as its functionality are its aesthetics. The entire surface a slick black. There are no protruding buttons since the device relies on touch sensors, which makes it incredibly thin. Thanks to Roli the future of music seems to be available, though it may not be for everyone; the Seaboard can cost up to $8,888.88


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