Kellogg’s for adults: a redesign by Mun Joo Jane

“We are no longer kids and it is important that our cereal packaging reflects exactly that,” Mun Joo Jane explains. The BFA student majoring in Graphic Design chose to rebrand Special K, aiming to give the packaging an adult feel. Cereal brands often reflect a childish image, which Jane aimed to avoid. Bothered by the forced feminine appearance, she created a simple unisex design while maintaining Kellogg’s signature red color.

She renamed the line K+, symbolizing good health and preserving the cereals positive reputation. Jane’s inventiveness did not stop there. She designed the top closure to be used as a measuring cup the size of a recommended serving and displayed the nutritional values in slick black bars. Kellogg’s is now able to convey a feeling of neutrality and natural ingredients because of the front’s transparency. The outside of the packaging is entirely black and white, except for the small Kellogg’s logo and cereal type, which stand out elegantly.

Jane has designed a second concept based around the cereal’s dependence on milk. “The cereal will be in a milk carton-like packaging with statements like “I am not milk. I am cereal.” written on them.”


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