2D optical illusion lamps by Studio Cheha

Starting with their Kickstarter project BULBING in 2014, Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha continues to work with 2D objects that give off surprisingly realistic 3D images.

Studio Cheha has long been re-imaging everyday objects by using non-traditional materials and shapes, but their latest expansion of their original line has made for a particularly interesting optical illusion. Though seemingly relatively normal lamps constructed with LED based lampshades, the ZIGGi, DESKi and CLASSi are in fact completely 2D, which can only be seen when rotated. They are crafted from a thin sheet of laser engraved acrylic glass to allow for light emission and spaced on a wooden base. The minimalism adds to the delicacy of the 2D design. As Studio Cheha put it: “The lamp creates a powerful optical illusion that challenges our perception of space.”

Their predecessor BULBING, Kickstarted in only three days, has been listed as ‘best sellers’ at the New York MoMA Store and Paris’ Pompidou Centre Boutique. As the other three lamps’ funds now nearly exceed their goal by tenfold, they are bound to follow in BULBING’s footsteps.


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