Playboy editorial lettering by studio Alkemist

Lygia Pires is a calligrapher and illustrator running her one-man graphic design studio called Alkemist. She was recently asked by Playboy Brazil to design an editorial’s headline filling an entire page reading “Jeans: da cabeca aos pés” which translates to “Jeans: from head to toe”. Starting out using only a pencil, Pires drew the outlines of the design on regular paper so that she was able to use and eraser and apply corrections. She then transferred the outline to a brown type of paper that appears to be recycled and traced the pencil drawing with a dark blue fine liner. She made countless details with silver and white gel pens, which made for a natural page when ending up in the Playboy Style section.

Pires has drawn typography designs for other magazines and clothing brands, though most of her work is based on illustration. Also notable is her body painting on a model for the cover of Playboy Brazil’s 40th Anniversary Edition, which despite strongly deviated from her usual work, makes for a great image.