Jasper Morrison designs a simple retro mobile phone

British designer Jasper Morrison has designed a stripped-back mobile phone called MP-01 for Swiss technology brand Punkt. The phone is only capable of its basic functions: calling and texting. Referred to as “the essential handset experience” and “a liberating device” the phone design is praised by both designers and users, which is somewhat amusing.

Though the phone is designed with damage-resistant Gorilla Glass and a black soft-touch exterior, it can’t help but be compared to one of Morrison’s earlier designs. The SGH-E590 Mobile Phone he designed for Samsung in 2007 was true to its time’s technology and looks an awful lot like the MP-01. The 2015 phone “integrates unique hardware and software design to achieve new levels of simplicity” and has innovative features that make the user experience more enjoyable. Nevertheless, details such as the wide selection of ringtones remind us of our indestructible Nokias and oddly shaped flip-phones.

Despite the design’s level of irony, it is interesting to see that modern technology can improve decade old designs to be more user-friendly. The MP-01 also inspires us to let go of the unnecessary modern-day features that often waste our time rather than save it.


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