Simon Lyon’s design perfects organized chaos

Simon Lyons found himself wondering whether shelves, drawers and tabletops really provided a pleasant experience of storing our belongings and if this not so organized chaos could be turned into something more convenient. This initiated brainstorming that caused the former engineering student to create a “grab-and-go storage” he called Geco Hub. One year after the successful funding of its Kickstarter campaign, his colorful organizer is finally in production. Its revolutionary simplicity allows for objects of all kinds to be hanged or placed into the uniquely shaped platinum-cured silicone rubber. The Geco Hub design relies on meticulous research and iteration, providing for a secure suspense of objects to be removed by hand rather than by gravity. Lyons’ creation comes in different colors and sizes and is playful thanks to its modularity. Version 22, his design studio, focuses on finding simple solution for everyday problems, which surely is something the award-winning Geco Hub has provided.

Its seemingly random assembly of shapes recreates that familiar chaotic impression, though this time perfectly organized.


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