Beyond Object’s Empty Memory USB key

Beyond Object is a studio that focuses on creating sculptural objects that do not only have practical uses, but also share a vision or metaphor. For instance, Empty Memory, a USB key designed by the London based studio conveys a sense of emptiness. The physical empty space inside the hand-polished stainless steel structure provides a metaphor for its digital counterpart. Beyond Object aims to challenge norms and expresses this with its high quality minimalist designs.

The studio teamed up with Poetic Lab earlier this year, creating a stationary collection with a similar out-of-the-box approach to everyday objects. Another design called Align Pen explores the Gestalt design psychology exploring the organizing of information by the human mind. Its misaligned design, though counterintuitive, has received quite some well-deserved media coverage. Beyond Object also attracted the attention of shops such as those of MoMA and Centre Pompidou, which currently possess the objects that can be described as works of art.


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