You Are Here jewelry by Talia Sari

Tel-Aviv based designer Talia Sari was inspired by her city when designing jewelry. The You Are Here pieces are crafted from sophisticated gold and silver to resemble city maps. The lines represent the web of lively streets of her very own Tel-Aviv, as well as those of Jerusalem, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo. The jewelry line consists of necklaces, brooches and rings and according to Sari may reflect “cherished memories from a loved place”.

The former Industrial Design student at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design has worked with a local goldsmith in the past and grew charmed by the delicate material. The jewelry allows proud urbanites to show off their heritage without looking like a tourist or travelers to show their love for visited cities. The subtlety of the geometric designs created delicate jewelry out of what could have been unappealing paraphernalia.


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