Cocktail Kit packaging design by Cody Petts

Graphic designer Cody Petts proved to be skilled when it comes to typography. Two years ago, he showcased his typeface Pine. “Laser cut from wood, each character has rich physicality while maintaining graphic sophistication,” he explains.

Now no longer studying Multimedia Design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, he is working for clients with the same attention to detail. When New Yorker Justin Durling asked Petts to design the packaging of his new product line Cocktail Kits, the graphic designer crafted his own lettering as a basis of the packaging. “Our vision for this project was to merge together two styles of vintage & modern to create a new fresh design with callouts to rustic design heritage.” The black basis creates the classic look the two were aiming for, while spiking the graphic with a bright color such as green. The typography has gold or white detailing, depending on the type of cocktail inside the packaging. Containing only its ingredients, recipe and spoon the pocket sized box is just as enjoyable as the cocktail it provides.


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