Nendo’s Border Tables

Nendo founded by Canada-born Oki Sato is an award-winning Japanese design studio with offices and exhibitions all over the world. For the solo exhibition Eye of Gyre at Tokyo Design Week, Nendo created the Border Table collection. Resembling hand drawn borders of a room, the tables are space-defining works of art rather than functional pieces of furniture. The aim was to discard the idea that furniture must be designed to fit all types of environments and to create a new relationship between space and furniture. For example, awkward corners and support posts that are normally considered troublesome when furnishing a home can now be reimagined by accentuating its uniqueness. The tabletops are made from very small round metal rods that mysteriously disappear into a few fading border-defining lines.

Nendo installed a large number of tables in the exhibition spaces, which cause the rooms to look parasitized as if the metal had grown from every nook.


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