Drive watch by Gus Petrikas

Gus Petrikas designed a watch called Drive that was inspired by vintage car models. The watch’s “drivers” wear a horizontal speedometer counting until twelve that has two markers, one for the hours and one for the minutes. The display is surrounded by solid aluminum and thick leather straps attach the watch to the speedy wrist. Petrikas design lets go of the technological age and focuses on a quick look in time’s direction. According to him, “The watch was designed to appeal to the most hardcore petrolheads on the planet. No time to take your hand of the wheel. No time to look around. Just glance.” His experimental side project has attracted a lot of attention and has given his startup Surfake a boost. The studio creates three-dimensional visualizations of client’s projects, which is also how Petrikas was able to display the conceptual Drive watch with such realism.


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