Packaging by Rock Roice and David Sanden

The collaboration between the two sunglasses brands Hawkers and Wolfnoir created an opportunity for graphic designer David Sanden and graffiti artist Rock Roice. They were asked to design the limited edition packaging and ended up combining lettering, a monogram and illustrations, which were all drawn by hand. Sanden played with the composition of his own typography ending up with a vintage design surrounded by a bottom and top line emerging from the first and last letter. His monogram also appears in two of the packaging’s corners, merging wonderfully with the background illustration made by Rock Roice. He drew a hawk and wolf, which represent the two collaborating brands, as well as a simple backdrop.
The bronze and black coloring gives the packaging the classic look as anticipated and by placing it onto a dark grey the attention is initially draw to the brands’ names, revealing the illustration upon closer inspection. The artwork, encompassed by thin bronze arrows, continues on the sides and back of the box.


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