Block bench molds to your body

Sitskie, a Los Angeles-based design studio, provides their customers with handmade furniture. They found that cushion on couches were very hard to clean and found a solution that put a stop to dirty furniture. Their benches and chairs allow for the same “soft comfortable experience while keeping all the benefits of a solid surface – durability, cleanliness and the beauty of the solid material, in this case wood.” They have achieved this softness by creating a block system that compresses and forms to the human body, whenever it is sat on. The chained wood curbs flawlessly just like a pillow.
“We have scrutinized over comfort – it is always the first concern,” explains designer and craftsman Adam Friedman. “This will be one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in.”
The block furniture is also visually stunning. Made from solid domestic hardwood, the pieces are all handcrafted after they are ordered. Sitskie offers chairs and benches with the patented block system. Friedman, a design and art school graduate, has also designed and developed tech products and flooring. He says he seeks “new ways to see, feel and experience the everyday world” and hopes to fill homes with inspiring furniture.

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