Generative clothing design by Print All Over Me

There are countless platforms allowing their customers to upload designs, to be made into t-shirts. Print All Over Me, a New York based studio and online platform, takes this concept a step further. Thanks to their collaboration with the Processing Foundation, their customers can now create their own generative patterns online. The patterns can be make with simple gestures and keyboard commands, that change their form as well as color. The first two customizable collections were created by Austiran digital artist LIA and studio SoSoLimited. Users of the new system can also put their designs up for sale for other shoppers to buy. “We want to give all kinds of artists a way to create pieces that we can enjoy in the physical world and a way to make money,” says Print All Over Me founder Meredith Finkelstein. The company believes in slow fashion, indicating that “every piece (…) is custom made”.

“We believe that by taking fashion slowly we can (…) offer high quality items (and) produce in an environmentally sustainable way.” The new way of creating clothing patterns changes the way programmers and designers – but also everyday customers – see fashion design.


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