Lexus’ drivable cardboard car

Lexus has created a replica of their IS model sedan entirely out of cardboard. Well, not entirely; the car also includes a steel and aluminum frame and electric motor to make the car drivable. Despite only being able to drive “very slowly, in a highly controlled environment”, the similarity to the original model is uncanny.

The project is the work of LaserCut Works collaborating with Scales and Models. They were able to turn the Lexus IS CAD files into laser-cut ready shapes. Then ended up cutting 1700 sheets of 10 mm cardboard and gluing them together. Because the glue took ten minutes to set, the total project took three months.
According to Lexus, the cardboard car was inspired by the Origami Test, which workers at the production line need to pass.  In their video of the process, Daniel Ryan of LaserCut Works calls the end result a digital artwork in the real world and a “crossover between animation and reality”.

Lexus Amazing in Motion project also covers their hoverboard, drones and artistic human-like figures.

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