Dry cleaning branding by Anagrama

As a dry cleaning service, Nordic House needed more than just a business card. Their company uses a lot of paper products such as paper shirt “packaging” as well as simple forms and contracts. Anagrama, a Mexican design studio, created Nordic House’s branding. They combined clean typography with thick black lining to create a simple feel, reminiscent of Scandinavian design. Their basis was white, with an additional color palette containing salmon, smoky grey and pine needle green, as if part of a Scandinavian landscape.
“A few icons are present in the overall identity, designed with a stark and reductionist style that captures the brand’s elemental emphasis on honesty, clarity and above all, quality,” Anagrama explains. “Nordic House will also sell exclusive, quality items such as scented soaps and undershirts” for which the design studio has created the packaging.

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