Memobottle papersized water bottle

Waterbottles are cylindric , right? Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, designers of Memobottle wondered why. Most of the belongings – electronics and prints – that you carry around on a daily basis are flat and rectangular, which means water bottles would fit much better if they were of similar shape. Memobottle takes this idea a step further by designing A6 and A5 paper-sized bottles. Their project appeared on Kickstarter last year and was successfully funded, which means the products are now available. The A5 is perfect for a bag full of books and the A6 is designed to fit in your pocket or handbag.

The designers explain their idea for the Memobottle came from their childhood experiences living in an Australian coastal town. “[We] noticed an increase in the number of plastic water bottles that would wash ashore at our local beach, and decided to look into it. (…) We were (also) completely shocked at how in a country that provides clean and accessible drinking water, people could buy single-use bottled water and pay over 1400 time more that what it costs from the tap.”

The slim water bottle suits an active and social lifestyle and its reusability makes the product environmentally sustainable.

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