Logiplaces landscape puzzles

We all have a place that holds a special meaning to us. Whether it is the amazing landscape of the Grand Canyon or the hometown we know like the back of our hand. Planbureau Studio made some of these places into puzzles. The 16 or 36-piece sets are made of concrete and enable you “to take home a piece of memory you made at any place in the world”. They called Logiplaces and are made with incredible detail using a 3D-printed mold. Some of the puzzles such as the city center of Budapest allow you to trace the buildings with your fingers, while sets like the mountains of the Alps have alternating peaks and valleys.

The studio had taken on a campaign for their Logifaces a year earlier, which are also three-dimensional puzzles, but without the geographic detailing. Logiplaces creates a more personal connection with its customers and is not only used as a puzzle to solve, but can also be displayed. “This one-of-a-kind tabletop sculpture will help you see the place in a new perspective.”


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