Analogo’s dark branding for Zorra

Design studio Analogo designed the branding and packaging for Zorra, a Mexican craft beer. “Brewed on Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco in Mexico, Zorra is dedicated to bring unique tasting experiences.” The package is designed to convey the fierce foxy image of the brand. It uses black and bronze, as well as an illustration of a fox. The white lettering stands out thanks to the high contrast with its dark backdrop, with the use of dark colors creates a mysterious vintage feel. “Two strong beer styles have been selected to make the brand’s first statement.”
Analogo, located in Guadalajara Jalisco, México, created business cards and coasters for Zorra as well.
Zorra-Stout-Served Zorra-Poster Zorra-Piezas Zorra-Imperial-Peanut-Stout

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