Autorquia by Tata & Friends

Tata & Friends have designed the graphic work for Autorquia. The printed set offers information for self-publishing writers and is presented as being a fictional country. “Autorquia is a country governed by writers,” the designers explain, “making the long journey of writing your book a little more pleasant.” The set includes a passport, map of the country, overview of laws, a tourist guide and other information shaped to mimic a writers’ land. Tata & Friends used earth tones such a sandy grey and a clear blue. The unique approach to conveying information have made Autorquia more than a brochure or self help book, but an interesting world to explore. The natural design tells a story just like the writers who wish to self publish, creating an intrinsic connection.

Designers at Tata & Friends, a design studio based in Madrid, “believe in process, research, experiments, curiosity and positive thinking.”

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