Tait’s classic YoYo and packaging

Designers at Tait, a product design studio in Detroit, love creating objects that are simple, clever and environment friendly with great attention to detail. The studio translated these values to work such as the Sling-Slang YoYo, which showcases the beauty of natural and clean design. The YoYo comes in a build-it-yourself kit which, despite asking for extra input, gives off a sense of craftsmanship. The hand-turned maple body has a removable grooved steel axle. This way, doing tricks with the included polyester strings, orange and white, will be easier and accidental knots a thing of the past. The kit is surrounded by a handmade cardboard packaging with minimalist Velcro locks. The simple silhouette logo cut out of the black-lined circle pairs beautifully with the raw overall design. The Sling-Slang YoYo is available with black, green and pink accents and entirely handmade in the United States.

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