Tatou branding by 485 Design

When communication agencies need branding, something great is bound to happen. Tatou, meaning “all of us” or “we including you”, is a cultural communication agency that focuses on New Zealand’s Māori, Pacific Island and Asian. They have incorporated a little bit of each of these cultures into their branding, starting with the vertical lettering referring to the totem poles of the Māori people. For functional reasons they have chosen to make their lettering symmetrical, which makes the words readable from every angle as well as mirrored. This is also reminiscent of the clear communication the agency allows between the cultures. The combination of black, white and red is not only very strong and nature inspired, it is also a palette the three cultures have in common. The folds and patterned dot-work also refer to the natural and primitive way the people live, while still giving off a clean structural feel thanks to the geometric shapes.

485 Design is the design studio responsible for this fitting creation and are proud to be “small enough to be agile and responsive – fully involved in your business, while connected to a large network”. Their knowledge of the cultures in question translated perfectly to graphic design.

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