DOSE soda cans by Nora Kaszanyi

Soda cans and bottles often have a very strong colorful exterior, reminiscent of their dominant taste. Nora Kaszanyi, an art and design student from Budapest, decided to use a different approach. The fun and simple packaging softens the expectations regarding the soda’s taste and aims to convey a more natural and inviting message. She explains she created an “approachable packaging, making it stand out from other soda brands on the market.” The cans and bottles come in three different pastel colors as well as white, and are accompanied by fine lined nutritional information on the transparent plastic. Kaszanyi also designed a logo for the DOSE packaging, using the four letters to recreate a square shape.
Nora Kaszanyi sets a great example for design students, inspiring them to share their high quality prototypes with the world.


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