Passport’s branding for Pure Design









Passport, an independent branding and print design studio based in Leeds, UK, offered their services to Pure Design Consultancy, an interior design studio. The strong bronze or copper detailing refers to the concept of pure elements and minerals, manifesting itself through a signature ‘Alabaster’ paper stock”. The simple black and white provide the branding with a steady base and, combined with the metallic color, a luxurious feel. References to the periodic table don’t stop there; the encircled initials of of the consultancy are used as a logo.

The influence of materiality leaves Pure Design with a visual identity that shows experience in the industry and “reflects the high standard of work they deliver through unique customer experiences”. The profile books, elaborate stationary and website all attribute.
Passport states they are “influenced by certain destinations and international design culture. (…) We enjoy designing thoughtful and effective identities that aim to strike a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics. We strive to realize projects through carefully crafted and well executed print as a result of constant research and experimentation into unconventional processes and materials.”

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