Wrap packaging for fictional Moller/Barnekow

Rasmus Erixon and Tobias Moller designed packaging for the fictional well-established sandwich bar Moller/Barnekow, which recently started offering high quality wraps. The students found the usual way of packaging wraps to be inconvenient. “You don’t know which end to start [eating] and everything gets messy and greasy. We wanted to find a solution that gives you the feel of high quality and [lets] you know exactly how to eat it.” They were able to create packaging that is not only functional but also looks sophisticated, corresponding with their upper-class target group.

The triangular packaging can be divided into three separate containers, each for a different wrap. When torn open, one wrap can be eaten at a time. The design can even stand on its own and indicates each wrap’s flavor in black script.

The cardboard comes in its neutral color as well as grey and pink. The brand name, expiration date and ingredients are cleanly displayed on a white area on the box.

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