Mstick multifunctional LEDs

Design studio Molt is currently funding their project Mstick on kickstarter. The multifunctional LED stick can do everything imaginable and more. There are even some genuinely useful functions, such as a camping light, bike rear light and flash alarm. Other possible uses are the display of text, sound, camera flash, weather forecasting and cooking timer, which, even though they can also be done with a mobile phone, are made more fun by the Mstick. The LEDs can be animated to act as projectors or to display all kinds of colors.

The app accompanying the Mstick allows users to change the LEDs’ function and is also developed for smart watches.

The only thing that is not overdone about the Mstick is the aesthetic aspect. The design is a minimalist white and its light gray buttons can hardly be spotted. The LEDs resemble a speaker when off and the leather strap gives the most natural feel. The magnetic hold is invisible and, to keep the clean look, other methods of attachment have to be added first.

The Mstick comes in three colors, white, turquoise and midnight blue.
Even with two weeks left to back the project, it has already surpassed its funding goals.

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