Portland branding and packaging by James Burton

Portland England sells skin care products for men. James Burton, a multidisciplinary graphic designer and art director based in London, helped the company convey a sense of tradition. He created branding as well as packaging in a nautical theme, inspired by the British shipping forecast. The blue, white and gold color scheme represent the marine experience, while still upholding its luxurious reputation.

Referring to the area in the English Channel, Portland has put itself on the map – literally. The moisturizer, shaving cream and face wash all have the shipping forecast mapping on their background, accompanied by the open sea at the bottom. This image is a continuous modular sequence of waves able to bring all the products together.

The designs range from business cards and other stationary to soaps and brushes. Despite some of the packages having turquoise and leather detailing, the collection still works as a whole.

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