Pop & Pac branding for CC Notorious

Pop & Pac created a branding to reflect the individuality and eclectic nature of CC Notorious’ custom corset. The design studio took the company’s primary element – the X representing crossed laces on the back of a corset – and took it to a whole new level. Three designs were created to embody this cross, all very lively and colorful. The first design, an orange and purple mesh, looks as if paint is splashing from the packaging. Different shades of green make the basis of the second cross and shows a recurrence of the black and white detailing. The lining and skulls are signature of the customer base’s style. Lastly there is a more monochromatic design, using only a light shade of yellow in a sea of black.

Pop & Pac is based in Melbourne. David Popov and Mauris Lai have provided customers across Australia and the UK with branding, packaging and other graphic designs.

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