Rice Creative packaging for Marou chocolate

Rice Creative, a design studio based in Ho Chi Minh City, designed the packaging for Vietnamese Chocolate manufacturer Marou. The 75% cacao chocolate bar Treasure Island and 85% cacao version Heart of Darkness both received suiting heavy paper wrappers. Both designs feature a backdrop of an old topographical map that is turned into a treasure map by placing a big contrasting X and arrow on it. In the case of the Heart of Darkness bar, the map is a mysterious black and grey, covered in gold lettering. As designers at Rice Creative explain: “Complete with an introduction written by celebrated author, Lawrence Osbourne, the “Heart of Darkness” package gives one a deeper darker view of it’s predecessor.”

When the packaging is opened, there seems to be a golden bat hidden behind layers of paper. The design studio found this Vietnamese symbol of prosperity “a well-suited symbol for a truly heavenly chocolate”.

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