MMNTO branding by Futura

Momento, going by their logo name MMNTO, is a business run by producers and cinematographers. Since their job is to create visual experiences, their branding needs to be of high standards as well. Futura, a design studio based in Monterrey, Mexico, accepted the project. They focused “all efforts on the typographical treatment [to create] a result [that is] memorable and easily recognized.” Even when going back to the absolute basics, they were able to give MMNTO a clear personality. “We moved away from bright colors, textures or unnecessary stimulation; instead, we used phrases that communicate the brand’s personality and instantly create a bond with the users.”

The dark, mysterious backdrop recreates the feeling of being in a movie theater, while the bold white letters are reminiscent of the end credits.

Futura shows expertise in all areas of graphic design. They are able to alternate between light and dark, color and grayscale without a problem, creating suitable visuals for everyone.

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