Daniel Barkle redesigns film posters

Daniel Barkle, a graphic designer from Bath, UK, is a self-proclaimed “film nut”. He is not afraid to share his love of film and enjoys redesigning their posters. He explains that there are a number of features that have had a great impact on him and decided to turn these into posters. “I’ve decided to take this opportunity to present my growing collection of film posters into one entire project, to showcase my love for the combination of film and design.” Updated every fortnight, his collection currently includes Lost River (2014), Whiplash (2014), Foxcatcher (2014), Interstellar (2014), The Babadook (2014), Her (2013), Kill List (2009), The Green Inferno (2013) and LOTR: The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001). He combines photography with simple geometric forms, creating an interesting poster for every film.

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