LoftCube branding by Moodley

German designer Werner Aisslinger came up with the extraordinary idea to create new living spaces op top of existing buildings and called it LoftCube. The loft has an appropriate 44m2 of floor space and thanks to its modularity, a unique flexibility when it comes to location. After Hotel Daniel Graz agreed to the LoftCube’s first installation on their rooftop, the architect decided the time had come to attend to LoftCube’s branding. Moodley, a brand identity studio based in Vienna, Austria, created what could be called a brochure “full of smart elegance, but always with a very personal touch”. Despite the classy pictures and bold lettering on the paper contents, the brochure’s packaging is still the true eye catcher. The studio recreated LoftCube’s signature blinds and white framing structure, giving a glimpse of the lofts aesthetics before even opening the brochures. “The goal was to create a certain fascination and draw interest to this exceptional project”, Moodley designers explain. Their plan certainly worked, since LoftCube is currently enjoying some well-deserved world fame.

loft1 loft2 loft3 loft4 loft5 loft6 loft7

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