Dry cleaning branding by Anagrama

Dry cleaning branding by Anagrama

As a dry cleaning service, Nordic House needed more than just a business card. Their company uses a lot of paper products such as paper shirt “packaging” as well as simple forms and contracts. Anagrama, a Mexican design studio, created…

Movie director portraits by Julian Rentzsch

Movie director portraits by Julian Rentzsch

“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.” This quote by Hitchcock is painted onto paper and made into one of the remarkable art prints by Julian Rentzsch. Collaborating with Stellavie, the artist made a series of movie director…

Astrobright tea packaging by Ken Lo

Astrobright tea packaging by Ken Lo

Graphic designer Ken Lo has years of experience working with print and recently started experimenting with bright colors. This packaging was designed using recycled paper Polytrade paper modified by Astrobrights, a company that supplies print designers with popping colored paper….

Link magazine's graphic design

Link magazine’s graphic design

The cover of Link. Idee per la televisione fourteenth issue was designed by Davide Di Gennaro together with Pietro Buffa and Niccolò Mazzoni. The Italian magazine focuses on television and other media and was initiated by Italy’s largest commercial broadcaster….

Tim Bisschop's book design for Charleroi

Tim Bisschop’s book design for Charleroi

Photographer Stephan Vanfleteren published a book that captured the streets and people of Charleroi, nicknamed ‘le pays noir’ which means ‘the black land’. The name refers to the coal industry and its many mines that the city once exploited as…

Motiv Architects' smart branding

Motiv Architects’ smart branding

The men running Polish architectural studio Motiv have found an ingenious approach to the modern-day demand for visual cues. Specializing in photorealistic visualizations of their architectural work as well as digital animations and special effects, the studio covers a wide…

Pietari Posti's zodiac illustrations

Pietari Posti’s zodiac illustrations

Pietari Posti has created graphics for publications like The New York Times and Playboy, inspired by “the beauty of nature and its creation of the female form”. The zodiac signs he illustrated for the French Be Magazine show the same…

Aron Filkey plays with print

“Playing with paper, typefaces and manual skills”. That is the brief caption Aron Filkey formulated when discussing this graphic work. The poster, reading Pas de Deux, combines print and handwork to create a type of poster that is very uncommon…

Wang Zhi Hong's book cover design

Wang Zhi Hong’s book cover design

Taiwan-based graphic designer Wang Zhi Hong has won many awards for his extremely minimalistic book cover designs. He mostly designs for Chinese characters or conceptual shapes – “A silver moon” only displays one white and one black circle on a…

Krzysztof Domaradzki book cover design

Krzysztof Domaradzki book cover design

Graphic designer, illustrator and artist Krzysztof Domaradzki has worked for big clients such as Volkswagen and Disney. However, book cover and content layout he designed for his brother’s professor dissertation on philosophy is one of his most attention grabbing designs….